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"Early medieval archaeology" department


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Arif Mahammad oglu Mammadov

Total number of employees


Basic activity directions

The investigation of the monuments of the Early Middle Ages in Azerbaijan.

Main scientific achievements

The Department of the Archaeology of the Early Middle Ages since it had been created, it carried out lots of archaeological investigations at the different ares of Azerbaijan like Mingachevir, Torpaggala (Tovuz), Torpaggala (Gakh), Shamakhi, Barda and Ganja;
A new stage of development had began on the investigation of the early medieval cities not only in Azerbaijan, but also in whole Caucasus, with the archaeological investigations done in 1946-1953;
Military camp of early medieval period had been discovered and the relations with this camp had been identified as a result of archaeological investigations done in Gilgilchay;
The places of the cities of Barda and Gnaja of early medieval periods have been registered and excavations had been done due to the Barda and Ganja archaeolgical expeditions;
The residence of Shirvanshahs in Shamakhi town had been discovered as a resut of Shamakhir archaeological expedition.

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