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"Archaeology of the Middle Ages" department


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Tarikh Meyrut oglu Dostiyev

Total number of employees


Basic activity directions

The Investigation of the Medieval monuments of Azerbaijan.

Main scientific achievements

As a result of the archaeological investigations of Baki, Shamakhi, Gabala, Beylagan, Ganja, Shamkir cities, grandiose material sources have been discovered that illuminate the topography, plan and form, defence system, art and trade relations of the same cities. Archaeological investigations enabled us to clarify the reconstruction of the life mode of medieval cities and villages, social-economical and cultural development of the country and other features. The collaborators of the department published numerous monographs about different medieval Azerbaijan cities, about the art and profuction, weapon and military art, decoration objects of the period, but mainly they have issued VI volume of the book “Azerbaijan Archeology”.

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