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Dr. Mark Iserlis, an employee at the German Institute of Archeology in Berlin, conducts various analyzes of ceramics in the territory of Azerbaijan of the Chalcolithic (Early IV millennium BC) on the basis of the "Maykop phenomenon of the North Caucasus: back to base”. For this purpose, he visited the Archaeological Foundation of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of ANAS and got acquainted with a number of rare and numerous collections.
Ceramic products discovered in ancient settlements of Leilatepe, Farmantepe and Alkhantepe, gathered in the scientific fund, have caused special interest of the German scientist. According to Dr. M.Iserlis, there is an idea about the genetic relationships between the archeological cultures of Leylatepe and Maykop (North Caucasus, the beginning of the IV millennium BC) in science. One of the main objectives of Dr. M.Iserlis is a determining genetic links and local differences between ceramics both cultures. The same research project includes experimental studies and radiocarbon dating of organic materials found in these ancient settlements.
It should be noted that Dr. Mark Iserlis, who is one of the leading specialists on ancient ceramics, participated in archaeological excavations in Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Georgia and other countries, and in the framework of a special scientific project he investigated the Neolithic pottery of the settlements of Menteshtepe, Ismailbeytepe and Kamiltepe in Azerbaijan.