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On February 26, Germany's world-renowned archeologist, Professor Harald Hauptmann and Mrs. Salwa Hauptmann visited the Scientific Exposition Department of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography. Guests got acquainted with the samples of material culture exhibited at the Archeology Museum. Mr. Harald Hauptmann and Mrs. Hauptmann visited the museum as part of a visit to Azerbaijan organized by the Embassy of the Turkish Republic and the Public Association of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey and Azerbaijan (TÜIB).
Professor H.Hauptmann held discussions with his Azerbaijani counterparts about Neolithic and Chalcolithic Anatolian, Middle Eastern and Southern Caucasian cultures, developmental characteristics and other topics.
Professor H. Hauptmann has been a director of the German Archeology Institute in Istanbul for a long time since 1968. His monographs on ancient archeology of Anatolia, the Middle East, Pakistan, Balkan and Greece are the basis of modern archeology. During the Troja debate, he was one of the critics of Manfred Korfmann and saw in Troy VI no Old Anatolian-ancient oriental residence city. Academician is professor at Heidelberg University (Germany), an active member Heidelberg Academy, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
At the meeting was attended by the chairman of the TÜİB Hüseyn Böyükfirat, the deputy head of the TÜİB on Culture, the writer-publicist Atababa Ismailoglu, the head of the Department of the Scientific Exposition of the Institute of Archeology PhD Farhad Guliyev, the head of the Department of Ancient Archeology PhD Zaur Hasanov, employees of the Institute PhD Valeh Alakbarov and Orkhan Zamanov, the employee Gobustan National Park Leyla Aliyeva.

photos by Elchin Hasanov:
1) Prof., Dr. Harald Hauptmann
2) Mrs. Salwa Hauptmann, Prof., Dr. H.Hauptmann and PhD Farhad Guliyev
3) (from right to left) Mrs. Salwa Hauptmann, Prof., Dr. Harald Hauptmann, the writer-publicist Atababa Ismailoglu, PhD Valeh Alakbarov, the chairman of the TÜİB Hüseyn Böyükfırat
4) (from left to right) Mrs. Salwa Hauptmann, Prof., Dr.Harald Hauptmann, PhD Farhad Guliyev, PhD Zaur Hasanov