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Epigraphic monuments have an important place in the study of the history of Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages. The epigraphic monuments of Karabakh and Zangazur, which are an integral part of Azerbaijan's history, are of great importance for the study of our country's history. The epigraphic monuments of the Islamic period in Karabakh are reflected in the inscriptions on mosques and tombs, in epitaphs on tombstones.
The epigraphic scientific researches carried out by the well-known epigraphic scientist of Azerbaijan, corresponding member of ANAS Mashadikhanim Nematova in Karabakh and Zangazur districts in 60-70s of the XX century were of exceptional importance in solving a number of historical issues of the region.
Hundreds of epigraphic tombstones and epitaphs on them remain in and around Karabakh. In the near future, epigraphic monuments will be re-registered in our sacred lands liberated from enemy occupation by the historic victories of the mighty state of Azerbaijan and its glorious army, and large-scale scientific research will be conducted on these monuments…

Anar AGALARZADE, leading researcher of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of ANAS, Doctor of Philosophy in History, Associate Professor

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