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Azerbaijani-Italian international archaeological expedition started scientific research in the Garadagli village, Goranboy region.
Studies are conducted under the supervision of the head of the sector of ANAS Institute of Archeology and Ethnography (IAE), PhD in history, associate professor Bakhtiyar Jalilov and head of the Department of Religious Studies of the International Italian Institute Lorenzo de Medici, Professor Nicola Laneri. Along with the staff of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, the archaeological expedition also included specialists from the Center for Studies of the Ancient Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East of Italy (CAMNES), as well as specialists from Germany and France, who will conduct archeometric studies. The main objects of research are burial monuments of the Kurgan type, dating back to the Bronze Age. In addition, specialists in the territory will conduct field research, topographic plans and electronic registration of archaeological sites.
It should be noted that, last year was reached an agreement between IAE and CAMNES on carrying out joint archaeological research in the area of burial monuments of burial mound type located on the territory of a number of western regions of Azerbaijan.
On March 29-30 this year, in Florence, a meeting of members of the Azerbaijani-Italian international archaeological expedition was held. During the meeting, issues of cooperation and further plans in the field of research were discussed. The discussions included the analysis of archaeological samples in leading laboratories of the world in various fields of science, which will be taken from the Kurgan monuments of Azerbaijan, as well as the publication of scientific results in prestigious journals with the co-authorship of participating specialists.