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ANAS Employees of the Carpet Research Sector of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography was on an ethnographic expedition in Gobustan.
Head of the sector, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Vidadi Muradov, speaking about the results of the expedition, noted that, in the framework of the works the mausoleum of Diri Baba was studied - an example of the Shirvan-Apsheron culture, the settlement of Mereez, the historical and ethnographic heritage of the settlements of Jairli and Chalov, including their traditions and customs, areas of activity and agriculture. Also collected information about carpet weaving, trade in carpets and their coloring.
Shirvan is one of the regions of Azerbaijan's carpet weaving, it is noted that, this is connected with Shirvan ethnography, traditions, way of life and serious conservatism with respect to this issue. He noted that carpets and carpet products are the main ethnographic attribute that is always protected and passed on from generation to generation.
V.Muradov said that, the staff will continue research in other villages of the Gobustan region and prepare a series of materials on the results of the expedition.
It should be noted that since its establishment, the sector spent working on the art of dyeing and Nakhchivan carpet weaving.
The results of the research are reflected in the books published in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Arabic.