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This year marks 10 years of joint cooperation between Azerbaijani and French archeologists.
An exhibition dedicated to the results of joint research of archeologists of both countries is planned to be held in Baku with the support of the Embassy of France in Azerbaijan, Presidium of Azerbaijan's National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of ANAS and Azerbaijan National Art Museum.
The Institute for Archeology and Ethnography stressed that rare findings of great importance for world archaeologists have been discovered during the 10 years of joint archaeological excavations, Azertac reported.
Archaeologists of the two countries are currently choosing the rare finds for the exhibition.
French archeologists include professor of French National Research Center Bertille Lyonnet, professor of the Department of Eastern Archeology of the University Lumière Lyon 2 Michel Casanova, and Nicolas Gailhard of French National Research Center, who is a specialist in modern archaeological research technologies.
Prof. Kazanova said that for 10 years, French archeologists, along with their Azerbaijani counterparts, conducted archaeological excavations involving multidissiplinary research in accordance with the requirements of modern science in different regions of Azerbaijan. Material and cultural examples of neolithic, chalcolithic, early, middle and late Bronze, early Iron and antique periods were presented to the world's leading laboratories for a variety of analyzes. At the same time, some cultural and cultural samples were restored by French experts.
"According to the agreement signed between the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography and the university Lumière Lyon 2 in March 2017, some of the material-cultural samples revealed during joint international archaeological investigations in the southern regions of Azerbaijan, was sent to France for work. All the findings have been returned to Azerbaijan and delivered to the scientific fund of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography.
It should be noted that in accordance with the agreement signed between the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography and the university Lumière Lyon 2 in March 2017, the same theme exhibition, which reflects the results of joint cooperation of Azerbaijani and French archeologists, is planned to be held in Paris and Tbilisi in the future.